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F L O R I D A ’ S F O U N D A T I O N
Florida’s Foundation, Make Mitigation Happen
Make Mitigation
Letter from
Bryan Koon
Prior to joining Florida’s Division of
Emergency Management Director
Koon served as the Director for
Walmart’s Emergency Management
Department and worked at the White
House Military Office for seven years.
Director Koon also served as a surface
warfare officer in the US Navy.
Florida has been fortunate to
avoid major catastrophic damage
over the last few hurricane
seasons. While many become
complacent, this training and
booklet are meant to engage you
in actively preparing your home
for future hurricanes. It is a matter
of time before the next major
hurricane impacts Florida.
Will your home, your family and
you be ready to survive and
recover from the next major
hurricane to impact your
Hurricane Mitigation
This guide provides insight into
proven, researched activities that
directly improve your ability to
recover from a hurricane. Please
take time to review the activities,
properly mitigate your home
against damage caused by high
winds and join the effort
throughout Florida to survive the
next hurricane.
Together we can demonstrate that
investing in the homes of our
citizens can improve Florida’s
recovery from future disasters.
Take the time to Get A Plan! and
prepare your home.
– Bryan Koon
Mitigating your home could translate to savings and peace of mind.
What is wind
mitigation? Wind
mitigation includes
specific activities to
strengthen your home.
This booklet will review
what can be done to
strengthen your home.
Page 2
Every year Floridians
face damage to their
homes as a result of
high winds.
Page 3
Load Path
A continuous load path
and roofing protections
are the key components
of protecting the
structural integrity of
your home during a
storm. Learn a variety
of activities that can
help strengthen your
Page 5
Protect Openings
Protecting openings by
shuttering or replacing
with high-standard
Page 10
Florida Law and
Insurance Discount
Notification Form
Florida Statute 627.711
Notice of premium
discounts for hurricane
loss mitigation;
uniform mitigation
verification inspection
Page 13
Protecting your home
from high winds is a
part of being prepared.
Have a plan. Use this
checklist to help you
prepare for disasters.
Page 19

One Stop Shopping Home Inspections

Real Estate Inspections can be a daunting task with everything being put into place at the right time. The last thing a homebuyer needs is more appointments with different people at different times. A lot of Realtors do not understand the dynamics of the inspection process especially with insurance inspections. So many times we have been called in after an initial Real Estate Inspection to finish what could have been done at day one. If the inspector you contact can’t or will not perform the required insurance inspection while there my advice would be to look elsewhere. In the long run it will cost you more time and money. When Real Estate agents are more concerned with their own numbers and sales than yours we have your best interest in mind. will not only perform a complete home inspection but will consult with the buyer on any issues regarding insurance concerns and your bottom line. We are a preferred insurance inspection provider in Florida. Member of several Florida organizations that keep us up to speed with constant changes. The insurance market is critical to home ownership and anyone not keeping up is not helping you. we have our own quality control policies in place to protect the homeowner. Providing service to the following Counties , Hardee , Desoto , Highlands , Polk , Hillsborough , Charlotte , Sarasota , Manatee and Pinellas. One call does it all scheduling your Home Inspection, Termite Inspection , Wind Mitigation & Four Point on the same day minimizing the need for follow up appointments. Call us anytime for a phone consultation or email.


Obtaining the Proper Home
Inspection in West Central Florida, Including a Wind Mitigation Report
Can Save You Money.
Wind Mitigation Inspections – Many homeowners don’t realize that they can save a substantial amount of money on their insurance by getting a wind mitigation inspection. What qualifies for an Windstorm Mitigation Insurance Discount? Ask your insurance company for a detailed list of qualifying discounts including wind mitigation credits for doors and gable finish bracing.
Why every homeowner in Florida should invest in a Wind Mitigation Inspection Report West Central Florida homes are subjected to wind. Many people worry about hurricane force winds, but a strong Florida thunderstorm can produce winds that can have an adverse effect on your home’s structure. Because of this it is important that you are insured properly. But homeowner’s insurance is costly. Let us help you save some money. Investing in a wind mitigation inspection and report for your insurance company can help you save thousands of dollars on your insurance premium. You may be entitled to discounts that you are not aware of, and can only be taken advantage of when you provide a wind mitigation report to your insurance company.

Cost of Wind Mitigation Inspection Reports

Affordable Wind Mitigation Reports – “Do not let cost be a factor in deciding whether or not to have a wind mitigation inspection. In time, having this report could not only pay for itself, but save you money, year after year. Wayne Collier Home Inspections offers you a sense of security and knowledge gained from a variety of inspection services. Wind mitigation reports are well worth the cost when you hire a certified, experienced home inspector. Please contact us for a quote today.

Scented Garbage Bag Storage

Garbage bags have come along way in performance, appearance and function and oh yes the smell. Sometime in the last few months I made a sandwich on a few occasions.
While I was chowing down on the sandwich and enjoying it when I would get to the bottom it would taste like a soap or have a perfumed taste. After the first experience and looking for a cause and not finding one I just dismissed it. After the third time ..I know right? ok there is a problem now and I will get to the bottom of it. After searching all over and trying to figure out did we spill something in the pantry? is the bread getting moldy really fast? We started pulling everything in the pantry out to get to the bottom of this mystery. Well what do you know? the bead is always placed right on top of a box of scented garbage bags. Bread is not the only thing that absorbs this aroma. Crackers, anything in plastic wrap, cookies, you get the picture. So we have taken the garbage bags out of the pantry and now stay in the laundry room cabinets away from any food or drink including pet food. Just food for thought when storing scented bags.

Wayne Collier Home Inspections

Saving Money Can Be Expensive

Saving money is a high priority these days. So much information out there on how to achieve that goal it can be confusing. I will try to explain some concerns I have about saving money in one way but end up costing you in another. We do things to our home to make them more valuable, livable and cost effective. Energy savings is a huge plus as we not only save energy and make our homes cozy but help the environment also. Spray foam insulation provides a huge benefits in energy savings and protection for a home and it not messy to deal with when you want to use the attic space for storage. The down side to spray foam and this does not mean you should not have it done but just some things to keep in mind as we see it more everyday. Before you have spray foam installed you should make sure you have an updated Wind Mitigation Inspection. Once you have a Wind Mitigation Inspection there should be a couple of small areas excluded for Mitigation purposes. Wayne Collier Home Inspections recognizes the need for this. If you have credits currently on your policy then have spray foam installed, then after 5 years your credits expire, the chances of having them continue are very slim. This is because the spray foam now covers features that need to be documented to provide these discounts. The features in the attic that need to be accessible and visible are Roof to Wall connections, a shiner nail or staple and about a two foot section of truss, rafter beam to establish a nail pattern. Without verifying these features with photographs the insurance companies will likely decline any credit you once had and deserve. So in the grand scheme of things you end losing money you intended to save. If you are going to have spray foam insulation installed please contact Wayne Collier Home Inspections for an updated Wind Mitigation and we can help set aside a no spray zone for future documentation. Make sure you discuss this with your spray foam provider. Contact Wayne Collier Home Inspections

Polk County Home Inspections

Wayne Collier’s “Full Home Inspection” means you’ll get just that when you hire us as your Florida home inspector.

From foundation to the roof and everything in between you can be sure we’ll inspect it. We look for any defects or potential problems that may need correctiong now and in the future with every componet of the home. Our home inspection is a visual access inspection to determine the condition of home or componet inspected.

Our full home inspection report includes an environmental report, which provides crucial information about the health of a property and surrounding neighborhood. Also included is an appliance
Recall Chek.

We will put your appliance information into a database to check for recalls and safety information.

A digital home inspection report that is easy to read. This will be available on site, and will include photographs of the problem areas.

We recommend this inspection as a minimum for anyone purchasing a home or mobile home in Florida. If you’re interested in our Four Point Home Inspection service, this is an effective way to determine the condition of vital componets of the home without having to purchase a full home inspection.

Our full home inspections covers: Roof,Electrical,Plumbing,and HVAC system to determine condition of all. The 4 point home inspection service is generally used for insurance purposes.

Please click here for information on our 4 point inspection services.

Environmental Reports

Recall Chek on Appliances

Digital reports on site

90 Day
Limited Warranty

Credit Cards Accepted.
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4 Point Home Inspections
Wind Mitigation
Inspection Reports
Roof Certification
Roof Inspections

Home Inspections by a Certified Home Inspector
Member of InterNACHI, Serving West Central Florida

Certified Home Inspector – Wayne Collier Home Inspections is a member of InterNACHI Certified Inspectors. We provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism associated with InterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors. We have passed InterNACHI’s Inspector Examination, taken a Standards of Practice Quiz, completed a Code of Ethics Course and adhere to Standards of Practice and we strictly abide by a Code of Ethics set forth by InterNACHI. With required attendence or continuing education courses by InterNACHI you can be sure that you will receive a top of the line home inspection and home inspection report, every time.

Affordable Home Inspection Services, Bowling Green & West Central Florida
Simple peace of mind that won’t break you.
Affordable Home Inspections – Please contact us today to schedule your home inspection or to obtain pricing information on our affordable home inspections for west central home owners and homebuyers. Home inspection services Bowling Green, Florida. We provide home inspection services in the following areas: Hardee County /Polk County /Highlands County /Manatee County /Sarasota County /Charlotte County /Desoto County

Gypsy Sales

Gypsy Sales

Retirement parks and elderly owners are routinely targeted during the winter months. People from “roofing companies” troll the mobile home parks and even set up a town hall meeting with residents with permission from management. Their sole purpose is to sell you a new roof. One of the first steps is offering you a free “roof inspection”. In my experience this is not an inspection but a sales tactic in which a person claims to be a roof inspector climbs to the top of the ladder at your home, observes the roof and then states yes you need a new roof. Concerned citizens have called me to request an independent un biased true roof inspection. My findings are usually not in line with the sales force trying to sell the roof. Wayne Collier Home Inspections recommends anyone who has had this experience to give us a call. If you have been a target of this unethical sales tactic please call us. As a State Licensed Home Inspector we can give you a real inspection and not a sales pitch that could save you thousands. If you have any questions or concerns please call or email Wayne Collier Home Inspections anytime.

Happy Holidays from WCHI

Happy Holidays from WCHI

This Christmas came pretty fast for us. Looking back this year it would be impossible to name everyone who we have met or people who have made a positive impact on us through business and social ties. Wayne Collier Home Inspections is very thankful for all clients , customers ,
partners and vendors. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Peace.
Look forward to another great year meeting people and providing great service.


Wayne Collier

Insurance Inspections

Insurance Inspections

Being stuck in the past with Insurance Inspection Reports makes life difficult for everyone involved. Wayne Collier Home Inspections are not afraid to evolve with current technology and keep pace with demands of clients , insurance companies and agents. We have solutions for your problems with reports , communication ,follow up , client needs and customer service.

Working with homeowners on issues that require correction from time of inspection to time of repair.

Our reports are guaranteed to have the quality you demand. If for any reason the report and or photos do not meet an acceptable standard we will at no charge re inspect.

Our solutions are very simple and at the core of providing service.

Scheduling appointments with the homeowner in mind.
Constant communication with agent’s and homeowners
Return calls & emails same day
Resolve issues same day
Capture clear precise photos
Capture client signature onsite in digital format
Reports emailed to client and agent from site

Stop wasting precious time and risk losing clients to reports that are so yesterday.
Wayne Collier Home Inspections is trying to be the best.

Let Wayne Collier Home Inspections help you!