One of the biggest complaints I hear concerning any type of inspection is quality of the report and photos. This is a skill that can be honed over time if the inspector strives to do so.  Most part time inspectors do not keep up with insurance trends and requirements. Part time could mean anyone who just fills in or has another job or contractors who do nt specialize in inspections. At Wayne Collier Home Inspections we are fulltime certified State Licensed in Inspections. The education is ongoing and relentless by State standards as well as customer and client requirements. In a fast paced market such as Real Estate and Insurance you must keep up or get left behind. Wayne Collier Home Inspections is proud to be a preferred inspection provider by many Insurance Companies and Real Estate Agents in Florida. Our clients are Nationwide with at least one client in the UK and one in Hawaii and growing. Quality and control are key when providing for the needs of clients whether buying , selling or insuring. During the pre purchase process we gather all the information we can so we are more informed going in. After we are on site the data collection is instense providing the information for a detailed report with photos in digital format. Depending on the year of the home it may require a Wind Mitigation and  Four Point Inspection for Insurance. The Wind Mitigation will determine if you have any discounts available based on features of the home. The Four Point is most required on a home 30 years or older and determines the age,condition and life expectancy of the Roof, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC systems. Clients need accurate answers and recommendations for repair prior to the Four Point submission. Failure to secure insurance because of a bad Four Point Inspection is what we try to avoid. Thank you to all our dedicated clients past present and future.


Wayne Collier