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Happy Holidays from WCHI

Happy Holidays from WCHI

This Christmas came pretty fast for us. Looking back this year it would be impossible to name everyone who we have met or people who have made a positive impact on us through business and social ties. Wayne Collier Home Inspections is very thankful for all clients , customers ,
partners and vendors. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Peace.
Look forward to another great year meeting people and providing great service.


Wayne Collier

Insurance Inspections

Insurance Inspections

Being stuck in the past with Insurance Inspection Reports makes life difficult for everyone involved. Wayne Collier Home Inspections are not afraid to evolve with current technology and keep pace with demands of clients , insurance companies and agents. We have solutions for your problems with reports , communication ,follow up , client needs and customer service.

Working with homeowners on issues that require correction from time of inspection to time of repair.

Our reports are guaranteed to have the quality you demand. If for any reason the report and or photos do not meet an acceptable standard we will at no charge re inspect.

Our solutions are very simple and at the core of providing service.

Scheduling appointments with the homeowner in mind.
Constant communication with agent’s and homeowners
Return calls & emails same day
Resolve issues same day
Capture clear precise photos
Capture client signature onsite in digital format
Reports emailed to client and agent from site

Stop wasting precious time and risk losing clients to reports that are so yesterday.
Wayne Collier Home Inspections is trying to be the best.

Let Wayne Collier Home Inspections help you!